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05-03-2013, 08:10 PM
Rune stone rediscovered after 300 years


Runologist Magnus Källström examining the stone.

A nearly 1,000 year-old rune stone has been rediscovered at Bogesunds brygga west of Vaxholm in Sweden.

The rune stone was found during an excursion which was part of a course in landscape archaeology at Stockholm University. The stone has previously been known, but had been missing since the 17th century.

Vague location

The runic script was carved into the stone sometime during the years 1050-80.

The characters were written down by antiquarian Peringskiöld in the 17th century, which means that virtually the entire text is already known. Hearsay said the stone was located somewhere around Bogesunds brygga and antiquarian Richard Dybeck searched for it in the 1870s without finding it.

The text on the stone reads:

“Gunne and Åsa had this stone and arch erected for Önd, their son. He died on Ekerö. He is buried in the graveyard. Fastulv inscribed the runes. Gunne erected this stone slab.”

Ekerö is an island in Lake Mälären just west of Stockholm.

On the edge of a burial ground

“On the last stop of the day on the excursion with the students, the sun was shining in the right direction and suddenly it was there at the edge of the burial ground, the rune stone U 170 from Bogesunds brygga, which had been missing for 300 years,” says Torun Zachrisson, archaeologist and researcher at Stockholm University.

The inscription on the rune stone is the oldest evidence for the place name Ekerö and indicates the possible presence of an early church.
Only part of the stone remains and it is possible that the other half has been taken away for building use.

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