View Full Version : Felvidék Hungarians protest against globalist agent Gordon Bajnai Dunaszerdahely visit

05-05-2013, 01:04 PM
Jobbik members and sympathizers in Felvidék protested against globalist agent Gordon Bajnai's Dunaszerdahely visit.

Bajnai was invited to Dunaszerdahely by MOST-HID, a Slovak-Hungarian party. Several protesters wanted to get into the building where Bajnai held a public meeting to ask question about his treasonous activities, but they were prevented from entering the building.

Protesters called Bajnai a "Zionist flunky" and “IMF agent”; they held a banner, which said “DECEMBER 2004 - We don't forget” a reference to the infamous 2004 referendum campaign in which the globalist parties including Bajnai campaigned against the dual citizenship act.

Demonstrators got into an argument with one of the journalists of the anti-Hungarian Slovakian parameter.sk that publishes defamatory articles about Hungary on a regular basis.

(alfahir.hu – hungarianambiance.com)