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09-06-2009, 04:55 PM
A former National Front member turned anti-fascist campaigner has warned police (http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/police) officers that Northern Ireland (http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/northernireland) faces a race war in place of the Troubles unless racism is confronted now.

The warning was issued during the first training programme for PSNI officers on the nature and make-up of British neo-Nazi groups.
Matthew Collins from the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight :rolleyes: said this weekend that while the presence of neo-Nazis in Northern Ireland is exaggerated, there is a real threat that they could eventually fill a vacuum left by mainstream loyalists exiting the paramilitary scene.
"There is a danger of a new war to replace the old one," he told officers.
Up to 30 PSNI members took part in the pioneering anti-fascist training seminar at a south Belfast hotel late last month. It was the first time anti-racist campaigners had held educational sessions for the police in Northern Ireland on the strengths and weaknesses of the British far right.

An expert on British neo-Nazis, ?!?! Collins said yesterday that the training programme included explaining to the PSNI the two basic forms of racism that exist.
"I outlined the difference between socio-economic based racism and the scientific/biological racists. In the first case, these are people who are brainwashed into racist beliefs, people at the lower end of the socio-economic scale who start to think their problems can be laid at the door of people of different colour or religion. I explained that it is possible to win people away from these racist attitudes and change minds.

"I believe that it is within the first group that the attacks on the Roma last June in Belfast emerged. The second group are the hardcore racists who through bogus scientific/biological thought think whites are superior to all other races. This group form the nucleus of the far-right parties ranging from the BNP across to Combat 18."
Collins said he was sceptical that Combat 18 had an organised presence within Northern Ireland. The pro-Hitler terrorist group was blamed for the upsurge in violence two months ago that resulted in more than 100 Roma fleeing their Belfast homes and returning to Romania.

However, attacks are becoming more frequent with two Indian families homeless this weekend after properties were attacked in loyalist areas of Portadown late on Thursday evening.
"There is no organised Combat 18 unit here in Northern Ireland," said Collins, "but there are kids who are being influenced by their ideas. They are the socio-economic racists who are easily led by the ideologues.

"The danger is that kids who looked to loyalist groups to give their lives meaning may now turn to the far right (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/far-right). My message to the police and to wider community is that there is still time to educate those vulnerable to the neo-Nazis' message against their lies.
"There is still a chance to prevent them getting organised but if they do there is a real potential, particularly in loyalist working class areas, that they can start to stir up trouble and eventually create a new kind of communal conflict Northern Ireland hasn't seen before."
Last weekend the BNP distributed 2,000 recruitment leaflets in Larne, a former stronghold of extreme loyalism.

During a recent visit to Belfast, Collins held talks with the head of the Ulster Defence Association Jackie McDonald during which they discussed the attitude of mainstream loyalists to the far right. McDonald has called on loyalists to inform on those behind racist attacks.

A spokesman for the PSNI said: "The PSNI will continue to tackle the scourge of all forms of hate crime. Every individual, regardless of race, colour or creed, has the right to live free from fear in a democratic society."
Source (http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2009/sep/06/northern-ireland-racism-loyalists-neo-nazis)

I'm beginning to wonder exactly how much influence Searchlight, and affiliates of Searchlight, have; to the point where these individuals get invited by established authorities like the PSNI to produce and discuss their one-sided views.

09-06-2009, 09:59 PM
The gypsies were forced out of South Belfast because they were involved in attempting to rape a young girl, stealing clothes of peoples washing lines, anti-social scum, who stand and pester people into trying to buy silly plastic flowers in the wine bars and pubs of Belfast city centre, and pester people into trying to buy the Belfast telegraph while standing at busy traffic junctions, in many cases wrapping on peoples car windows to gain the drivers attention, a total disgrace and if it was locals doing such a thing the PSNI would be out moving them on. The Gypsies offer nothing to Belfast but misery, and people like Collins should go and live amongst them in the Words worst slums instead of trying to turn our Country into a slum.

The PSNI are all but useless, no wonder they have these scumbags over giving them lectures on anti-fascism, when they themselves are involved in organising violent attacks on people who have a different political opinion to theirs. And thankfully up in this part of Northern Ireland that clown who calls himself a loyalist Jackie McDonald has no influence.

Grumpy Cat
09-06-2009, 10:27 PM
Antifa are just as nuts as the fascists. They're overly alarmist. I remember when they tried to stop a concert by the Faroese band Tyr in Germany because the band uses Nordic imagery (it's their culture), and were accusing them of being a fascist band and all this, even after the band released a statement saying they weren't, and it is quite clear they aren't.

In short, there is going to be no "race war". These people are just paranoid.

09-07-2009, 03:35 PM
Stop forcing idiotic policies like multiracialism on societies and you will quickly find an end to most racism, there will always be supremacists and the like but the depth of segregation and low level hatred that is common on many estates would end. Multiracialism is a destructive ideology that will only lead to more harm, anyone with sense can see it and I donít doubt that the government can see it, but then you donít allow millions of non-whites into the UK creating a race problem we never had before by accident now do you?

11-08-2009, 01:17 AM
I have to agree with Orang&Blue.

I'm originally from Co. Down and I do not want my ancestral homeland stolen by myriad hordes of Third World invaders and colonisers. They have their own homelands which were returned them during the course of the 20th century so they have absolutely no rights to be let invade ours.

Both Protestants and Catholics, being a Catholic myself, hold the very same concerns on this issue.

Did, we the host nation give our treasonist leaders or these alien invaders permission to encroach on our territories? No, we most certainly did not which is why I joined the British National Party.

Unless this dangerous multiracial swamping plot is prevented, N. Ireland and the South will end up like the UK mainland which is presently experiencing what can only be described as low-level genocide upon the native English, Scots and Welsh, and all White people of whatever nationality.

The mainland police farce refuse to acknowledge the non-white racially motivated content of these crimes and are reluctant to even arrest the non-white perpetrators.

I wonder how much dirty money Collins was paid to betray his own?

11-08-2009, 08:39 AM
A former National Front member turned anti-fascist campaigner

That sure sounds like a credible source. What's next, an 'Islamic militant turned Scientologist'?