View Full Version : Population could shrink to 7 million unless new policies are enacted

05-10-2013, 03:00 PM
Ensuring consistent and long-term family policies would be more instrumental in encouraging young people to have children than financial assistance, a demography expert told business daily Vilaggazdasag on Friday.

Marietta Pongracz, deputy director of the Central Statistical Office, warned that Hungary’s population could shrink to 7-8 million by 2050 unless the current, negative tendencies are reversed.

Pongracz said that “luckily” traditional family values are still present in Hungarian society, and young people consider marriage an important institution and want to have children – typically more children than are actually born. Values do not need any adjustment, it is surrounding conditions that must be ensured to give young parents an incentive.

On average, young couples would like 2.2 children but only 1.2-1.3 are born, she said.

On May 7, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told a Christian forum that the government was mulling a national programme to promote births to be launched in the autumn. He said the government was committed to its family-friendly policies and to ensuring protection to the institution of marriage and the family. The prime minister insisted that the family was the number one resource of any viable society.