View Full Version : Former Bolshevik agents no longer receive extra retirement benefits

05-20-2013, 10:38 PM
The government cuts off retirement allowance to more than one hundred former III / III communist agents and their heirs learned Hir TV from the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice parliamentary under-secretary Bence Rétvári.

A committee was set up within the ministry to examine about one thousand cases, which included individuals received state awards under the communist system.

The committee came to the conclusion that those who played a role in the elimination of the democratic state between 1945 and 1949 should not receive the 8 thousand to 16 thousand HUF extra benefit they were entitled to receive under the communist system.

This also applies to those that played an important role in the suppression of the 1956 revolution and were members of the Hungarian Communist Party, the Hungarian Communist Youth Organization, and the state leadership or worked as secret agents. "The numbers are not final yet, the committee still examines more cases" said Rétvári.

Socialism conceived in sin, as the Communist Party seized power by blackmail and coercion said President János Áder.

The decision comes into effect in August; until, Bolshevik criminals can challenge the decision in court.

The Hungarian Socialist Party (the successor of the former communist party) issued a strong protests because of the planned cuts; the government should not take away pensions retrospectively because it is against the values of the European Union says the statement.