View Full Version : Ancient Egyptians wore jewellery made from 5,000 year old meteorites

05-31-2013, 01:06 PM
A gift from the gods: Ancient Egyptians wore jewellery made from 5,000 year old meteorites

Necklace found to be made from meteorite fragment

Discovery solves mystery of why Egyptians had iron so early

Meteorites may also have shaped the ancient people's religious beliefs

It is an important find as it explains how ancient Egyptians obtained iron millennia before the earliest evidence of iron smelting in the region, something that has confounded scientists until now.

It also unearths a tantalising glimpse of the genesis of the ancient Egyptians' religion and the divine attributes they attached to meteorites.

'The sky was very important to the ancient Egyptians,' says Joyce Tyldesley, an Egyptologist at the University of Manchester, UK, and a co-author of the paper on the discovery. 'Something that falls from the sky is going to be considered as a gift from the gods.

'Heaven-sent: The iron bead that unlocked the mystery surrounding the presence of iron among the ancient Egyptians. It also poses exciting questions about the way the cosmos influenced their religion