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Serbia: ancient tombs discovered from 2,500 years ago

Archaeological field surveys on sites along the Corridor 10 route, currently under construction, have discovered graves from the Iron Age.


The burial sites, found in region of Pirot, south-eastern Serbia, contain skeletal remains of warriors together with their spears and knives.

Over the past two years, archaeologists discovered an ancient suburb of Pirot, called Suburbium, the remains of the legendary 2,000-year-old road, Via Militaris, located near Dimitrovgrad, and several ancient milestones.

Mirjana Blagojević, an archaeologist consultant of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the Republic of Serbia, who heads the archaeological field surveys on the Corridor 10 section near the village of Sinjac, has said a unique necropolis complex over 2,500 years old was discovered.

“We have found three skeletons of warriors with spears, knives, iron fibulae, bronze ornaments, rivets and leg decorations, Blagojevic said.

Predrag Pejić, an archaeologist at the Ponisavlje Museum in Pirot, has told Tanjug that this is a very important archaeological discovery.

"We had found a lot of graves older than this one in Pirot, but the remains were buried in them after being cremated on a funeral pyre, whereas here we have for the first time a community who conducted full body burials," a unique find in this part of Serbia.

Pejić said a book will be published after the research job is completed that will summarize all the archaeological works conducted on the eastern branch of Corridor 10.

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