View Full Version : Xishuipo M45 Tomb

07-20-2013, 09:13 AM
Here's an interesting archaelogical site from China. Xishuipo M45 is part of the Yangshao culture, a Chinese neolithic culture well known as the follower of the renowned Dadiwan culture.

In tomb M45 we have the body of a 184 cm's tall adult male that has been flanked by two mosaics formed from white mollusk shells, a tiger design to the right (west) and a dragon design to the left (east). Below him orientating to the north we have the image of the Big Dipper. Clam shell mosaics were also found in two nearby caches. The burial is accompanied by the bodies of three young children. The burial is elaborate and complex but does not show any items of personal wealth. This man was a shaman.