View Full Version : Humans evolved to be monogamous to protect children being killed by rival males

07-30-2013, 02:47 PM
Study finds primates evolved from multi-mate to monogamous societies
In non-monogamous communities, rival males will try to kill children to encourage the female to want to mate sooner
Monogamy means the father is always on hand to protect the child
As a result, the child is well nurtured and develops a 'larger' brain
This evolutionary trait in primates can also be assigned to humans
PUBLISHED: 20:06 GMT, 29 July 2013 | UPDATED: 13:32 GMT, 30 July 2013

Humans evolved to being monogamous to protect their children from being killed by other males and this ultimately led to more intelligent offspring, say scientists.

A team from London, Manchester, Oxford and Auckland studied the mating habits of monkeys and discovered that mothers will delay mating when nurturing young children.

In non-monogamous communities, rival males will try to kill children to encourage the female to want to mate sooner.
However, in societies where primates choose a mate and stay with them, the males are more likely to care for their offspring and want to protect them, and this leads to more intelligent, well nurtured children.

The scientists believe this provides 'conclusive proof' that protecting young children is the main reason for monogamy in humans.

A University of Missouri study recently discovered that men seem to have an evolutionary aversion to becoming sexually attracted to their friends' wives.
The research found adult males' testosterone levels dropped when they were interacting with the spouse of a close friend.
Evolutionarily, men who were constantly betraying their friends' trust and endangering the stability of families may have caused a survival disadvantage for their entire communities.
A community of men who didn't trust each other would be brittle and vulnerable to attack and conquest.
The costs of an untrustworthy reputation would have outweighed the benefits of having extra offspring with a friend's conjugal companion.
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Prisoner Of Ice
09-17-2013, 02:04 PM
I wonder if there is an inverse relation to balls and brains size, since ball size usually goes with polygamy. Very interesting to see monagamy get some support at the base biological level. Sometimes rules exist for a reason, and not one that involved oppression as is a lot of the times the case in modern society.