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1030 - Yaroslav pillages Tartu

1051 - Possadnik Ostomir tries to plunder Estonian areas, gets beaten by the Estonians

1054 - Izyaslav raids the "Sosols" and taxes them, next year the Russians are driven away

1061 - Estonians liberate Ugandi parish and drive the Russians to Pskov

1077 - Vladimir of Smolensk and Gleb of Novogorod battle against the "Chudes"

Beginning of 12th century - Mstislav raids "Otshela" (Adsel on Koiva river)

1113 - Mstislav raids the "chudes" and wins the battle on "Boru" (Irboska or Metsepole)

1116 - Novgorodians and Pskovians raid Estonia. Otepää fort falls on November 1st. Russians pillage numerous villages and return with many prisoners.

1130 - Mstislav sends his sons Vsevolod, Izyaslav and Rostislav with Russians from Novgorod, Poletsk and Smolensk to pillage Estonia and set taxes on the Estonians. Estonian men are killed, homes are burned, women and children are taken as prisoners.

1132 - Vsevolod of Novgorod raids Estonian areas, but is beaten on January 23rd in Vaiga (North Tartumaa county). The Novgorod chronicle writes "many of the best men of Novgorod were slain."

1134 - Vsevolod fights against the Estonians, he conquers Tartu on February 9th.

1180 - Mstislav of Novgorod plunders Adsel. Locals are forced to leave homes and retreat to the sea.

1190 - Pskovians kill a group of coastal Estonians who had gone through the Narva river to Lake Peipus.

1192 - Yaroslav of Novgorod raids Estonian lands in the winter. Conquers Tartu. In the summer he set a gang of Pskovians to burn Otepää.

1210 - Mstislav of Novgorod and Vladimir of Pskov raid Estonians in Torma and Ugandi. Otepää fort falls after 8 days of being surrounded, they had to pay tribute and accept the Orthodox Christian religion.

1211 - Pskov Russians raid Soontagana on the first days of January.

1212 - In January or February 5th, Mstislav of Novgorod, his brother David of Toropets and Vsevolod of Pskov raid North Tartumaa and Järvamaa, reaching Varbola fort in Harjumaa. Varbola pays in silver for not being raided.

1216 - Vladimir of Pskov conquers Otepää and sets high taxes on Ugandi. His forces plunder the area. To fight the Russians, Estonians ally with the Germans - the cooperation between the Estonians and the Teutonic Order begins. Ugandi men counter-raid Pskov area.

1217 - Russians fail to invade Livonia.

1219 - Russians plunder Livonians.

1221 - Novgorodians plunder Ugandi as they return from Livonia.

1223 - Russians are beaten by the Mongol-Tatars in the Battle of Kalka. Yaroslav of Novgorod, Georgi of Suzdal, Vladimir of Pskov and others come to Estonia as allies, but with their 20 000 men, they start plundering the lands.

1234 - Yaroslav of Novgorod raids Tartu area.

1241 - Alexander Nevski conquers the fort of Koporje and hangs the imprisoned Votians and Estonians.

1242 - Battle of the Ice (on Lake Peipus) between Germans/Estonians and Russians on April 5th.

1248-1250 - Stigot Agison of Tallinn writes to Lübeck to ask help for all the people who suffered under Novgorodian brutality.

1253 - Novgorodians and Karelians raid areas west of the Narva river.

1255 - Russians raid Northern Estonia over the Narva river.

1262 - Russians raid Tartu. They don't manage to capture the fort, but take the city. Russians kill townsfolk, take others alive and burn people. They steal the harvest.

1267 - Russians raid Rakvere area and plunder the land.

1268 - Over 30 000 Russians cross the Narva river and kill many Estonians who had hidden in caves by driving water into the caves. A battle on Kihola river takes place between Russians and Germans/Estonians on February 18th.

1269 - Germans and Estonians counter-attack Pskov, the Teutonic Order captures Irboska.

1294 - Russians burn Narva.

1322 - The Teutonic Order and Estonians raid Novgorod and Pskov, destroying Irboska.

1329 - Germans and Estonians raid Novgorod and Pskov.

1341 - Russians burn Narva again.

1342 - Yuri Vitovtovich raids Vastseliina. Germans drive the invaders back with heavy losses.

1343 - 5000 Pskovians reach Pskov, pillaging the villages on their way. Five days later they return.

1367 - Pskovians reach and raid Vastseliina. Narva is burned for the third time.

1368 - The Order reaches Irboska.

1371 - Novgorodians and Pskovians invade Vastseliina. Pskovians burn Kirumpää and kill all the local inhabitants.

1406 - Danilo and Yuri of Pskov raid Livonia, Vastseliina and Kirumpää.

1407 - On June 29th Pskovians commanded by count Konstantin and Roman Sidorov cross the Narva river to Virumaa, raid many villages and return.

1480 - Muscovy fights the first war with the Livonian Order (and Estonians in their ranks). Russians plunder Southern Estonia. Forces of Pskov and Moscow raid Tartu area and conquer Kastre.

1481 - South-Estonia is pillaged by the Russians in February. Russians conquer Viljandi, Tarvastu, Karksi and Ruhja. The occupied areas are heavily terrorized to break resistance.

Beginning of the 16th century - in Livonian chronicles Russia starts to be seen as an especially brutal enemy who has no mercy; Russians are named as the historical archenemy.

1501 - Russians plunder areas of Southern and North-Eastern Estonia. In six weeks numerous households are destroyed and the population decreases drastically. About 40 000 are killed and taken as prisoners. Another force, with many Tatars, invades Virumaa and Harjumaa. They have dogs to find the Estonians hiding in the woods.

1502 - Russians raid Tartu area.

1558-1582 - Russian-Livonian war.

1558 - In January Russian forces invade Tartu, Harju and Virumaa areas. Entire Eastern Estonia is pillaged. Villages, farms and houses are burned or plundered. The harvest Russians couldn't take along was destroyed. The animals were driven into barns which were set on fire. On May 11th Narva is conquered. In summer 1558 Russians invade with 60 000 - 80 000 men and capture Vastseliina (June 30th), Kirumpää, Tartu (July 18th) and neighbouring areas. They systematically raid Central Estonia, later Alulinna and Gulbene areas.

1559 - Russians raid Alulinna and Vilaka areas.

1560 - Põltsamaa, Ruhja, Helme, Tarvastu and Viljandi areas suffer under the Russian raids. In May, Russians raid Viljandi. After Viljandi falls they raid Võnnu, Pärnu and Läänemaa areas. Estonians are taken along as prisoners.

1570 - Duke Magnus starts to raid Tallin with a great Russian army. On October 16th oprichniks killed, pillaged and burned far more than any other forces before. They killed noblemen and common folk without mercy. They destroyed a forest in Telliskopli area. Russians don't manage to capture Tallinn and leave on March 16th, 1571.

1573 - Russians invade Estonia through Narva and conquer Paide fort. The 16 000 men army tries to conquer Läänemaa, but is beaten near Koluvere by the Swedes.

1574 - Russians and Tatars raid Northern Estonia in the summer. They burn
all the villages still remaining in Harjumaa. They steal cattle and took people as prisoners. During the nights the Russians and Tatars would kill people in their homes, also taking away the cows and horses.

1575 - Russians and Tatars conquer Pärnu and raid North-West Estonia. They stole horses and kidnapped people.

1576 - Russians and Tatars raid the surroundings of Tallinn. They took peasants along with women and children as prisoners.

1579 - Russians and Tatars repeatedly raid Estonian areas.

1656-1658 - Swedish-Russian war. Russians occupy areas of Tartu- and Võrumaa, also parts of Valga, Pärnu and Virumaa. Tartu capitulates and is occupied by Russians until 1661.

1700-1721 - Great Northern War.

1700 - Russians raid Alutaguse in September. Battle of Narva on November 19th.

1701 - Battles in Räpina, Kasaritsa and Rõuge. Cossacks, Tatars and Kalmyks raid Alulinna area. Estonians form defence squads.

1702 - Extensive pillaging takes place in Pärnumaa, Tartumaa and Mõniste area. All the churches, more than 100 manors and 1000 villages were burned by the Russians. Men, women and children were randomly killed or taken as prisoners. Hundreds of children were taken by the Tatars to be sold as slaves.

1703/1704 - Russians repeatedly raid Narva area.

1704 - Commander Sheremetyev of Czar Peter I raids Estonia. Only Harjumaa, Läänemaa, the islands and Central and Northern Pärnumaa are untouched by the raids. Estonians are killed and taken as prisoners. Many Estonian children are deported to Ukraine. Many churches, small towns, manors and up to 1500 villages and lots of crops were all burned to the ground. All the animals they Russians couldn't take along were burned alive in barns and stables.

1704 - Russians raid Tartumaa in January. The churches were burned and people were taken along without carrying clothes and being hungry. Those who died in the cold or couldn't walk any longer were drowned under the ice of Lake Peipsi.

1704 - On July 13th Tartu surrenders to the Russians. Russians don't follow the capitulation agreements and won't let the Tartu garnison head to Tallinn.

1704 - Russians conquer Narva. After capturing the city,Russians even took people out of the graves and threw them to the river. All the children between ages 6 and 14 were taken away as slaves.

1707 - Russians raid Northern Tartumaa, Põltsamaa, Puka, Sangaste and Karula. Valga is burned to the ground.

1708 - Russians raid Livonia. Valgamaa is pillaged. Farms and manors are burned. The crops on the fields is destroyed.

1708 - Citizens of Narva and Tartu are deported to Russia. Many die. Some return 5 years later. Tartu is almost completely destroyed.

1709 - Pärnu is conquered by the Russians.

1710 - Tallinn capitulates to the Russians.

1918 - Red Russians invade Estonia in November. Bloodbaths in Rakvere, Tartu and elsewhere. The Estonian War of Independence begins.

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Early years of the Rus' (Viking era into Crusading era) hardly had nothing to do with modern Golden Horde (Mongol) -> Moscovite Russia.

Whom made Kiev (Ukraine) part of Rus': Chud', Ves', Meryans and Rus'..


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Early years of the Rus' (Viking era into Crusading era) hardly had nothing to do with modern Golden Horde (Mongol) -> Moscovite Russia.

Whom made Kiev (Ukraine) part of Rus': Chud', Ves', Meryans and Rus'..



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It's real history, I know it must be difficult to grasp.

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It's real history, I know it must be difficult to grasp.

Russians just have too much of the Soviet(Bolshevik) Pan-Slavism in their heads. They can not be cured. It's like the zombies, similar condition. :eek:

Bolshevik slav:

http://api.ning.com/files/US4oCCyguTXRsZfH2QoF10wVZ5KgNU6jshFxovGogaWa2PIQc8 i7FZsGGfZiaA6F-KQ-J5-Wympg8E0g-sEsoR3sctZFAoIr/zombies800.jpg