View Full Version : "Paški sir" of Croatia was crowned as the best sheep milk cheese in the world

10-03-2013, 08:02 PM
At the 116th annual International Cheese Awards in Nantwich in the UK, the oldest and now biggest of it’s kind in the world, 4285 cheeses from all corners of the globe we’re competing for Gold, Silver and Bronze. Continuing the remarkable success story of Sirana Gligora, their beloved Paški sir was crowned as the best sheep milk cheese in the world with a Gold medal in the sheep milk cheese category.

Thousands of tourists visit Sirana Gligora each year to learn the traditions of Croatia’s finest cheese, and now with specialist cheese shops through out Croatia including the soon to open Dubrovnik store, Gligora’s fine cheese has become a symbol of Croatia’s artistry and skill on the international gastronomic map.

Judges at the event included British and Italian celebrity chefs James Martin and Gino D’Acampo. The show chairman Richard Paul, said: “We had 4,286 entries in all, which is a record, and the standard across the board was extremely high – our panel of 190 judges really did have their work cut out to make their selections”.