1. Painting With Words

    So, I do this poetry thing sometimes where I have a person give me 3-5 words and then I write a poem for them. Below are some of my PWW for others.

    Would you like a painting with words? Submit your five words then please .

    "Creeper Set 1"
    (conglomerate- absolution- parsimony)

    He counted his coins with a final sigh,
    A brief release, a small piece of love
    Embedded sweet in a catcher in the rye.
    Each moment, ...
  2. Poesia

    I like writing poetry to express self. Here is some of my poetry o__o. Please feel free to comment or post your own .


    In the ice cold zest
    Of mourning,
    I opened my heart
    To love,
    Carelessly ignoring
    While imploring other
    Options from above.
    Frosted over the
    Broken under excuses
    And frozen again
    When the heat
    Rolled in
    I examined the ...
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  3. MS Paint art

    I wanted to make a topic for this, but didn't know/couldn't find an appropriate place, so I decided to start a blog.

    I used to draw in MS Paint as a way to chill and meditate because it can be really monotonous to draw with a mouse. I haven't draw in MS Paint for over 7 years, I think? One of these days, I'll get a tablet and let the real fun begin.

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