1. Pip's NDEs

    The 1st 2 blackouts I remember with any clarity happened on 15 & 18 Jan 08.

    The alarm went off at 04:20 (both days) as I had to be into work no later than 06:00. I slapped the off button and next thing I knew, I was on the floor chewing the carpet about 1 minute later. I had a burning sensation across the back of my neck both times, 2nd time I got a rug burn on my forehead, which left a scar, the abrasion was so deep.

    1st time, I got up, took my shower, dressed ...
  2. Old softie...4 cats in the house now

    Hey all;

    Yesterday made 8 weeks since my wife and I took in a 10 year old cat. Miss Teia lost her family due to their house being taken through foreclosure. Her owners are Kin of one of Anita's comrades in the woman's veterans group to which she belongs. (Anita was an officer in the US Air Force for a little over 13 years and is disabled due to service connected injuries.)

    We told them that if it became a choice between us and the pound, we'd take her; 10 year old ...