Utterly Jaded

I can't say that I believe in the supernatural any more. Sure, I'll still go to church, partake in the sacraments and try to grow as a person in the community that I've chosen, but I don't believe in any kind of personal God as I did before. I believe that all life is sacred and that matter deserves respect. I believe in evolution as a valid explanation for human existence.
I think that death is the dissolution of our physical form into the elements that have composed it. I don't think that knowledge is to be feared. Quantum physics and the Theory of General Relativity do not rely on faith to work. They are postulated after several experiments have been performed.
Death is not humanity's fault. To blame death and extinction on the thoughtless actions of a single human couple is the height of hubris. People age, their bodies run down and if God is merciful, they lose their lives before they lose their minds. They lose consciousness and they never wake up. Do I believe in the life and example of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Bible? I think that he and his disciples had a lot of good points to make. In a sense, you could say that Jesus is " bodily resurrected" in the Church that His disciples founded. Maybe a random burst of radiation transformed Jesus' body so he could rise and appear to his disciples, then He would somehow ascend to some entrance into another dimension. I can't explain the volcano at Mt. Sinai, either. Maybe we're just talking about faith- building stories that were told to prove a point, such as a particular teacher showed Providence's authority over nature, or a religious person's status could cost a king his kingdom if that person were crossed ( I always pitied poor King Saul. He didn't murder somebody, so he has a kingdom taken away from him and the Being he worshipped never talked to him again? Really?), or things like that.

  1. My Occitan Heritage

    http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-...expecot&id=I45 My French ancestry goes back to my great-grandmother, Marie Elodie Pecot ( 1887-1967). Her parents both had ancestry that hailed from Occitania. Elodie's parents were Alexandre Pecot (1851-1942) and Amelie Armelin (1853-1942). Amelie's grandfather, Jean Armelin(?-1834) was born in Puimoisson, Alpes de Haute Provence, France.He married Marie Rose Angelique Desiree Pecot in 1799 and their son, Charles Armelin( 1813-1889), ...