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  1. Gooding's Avatar
    Now, we're going to get our marriage convalidated in the Church!
  2. Jamt's Avatar
    Good Siegfried.
  3. Loxias's Avatar
    Thanks, that's a very interesting family history, and very varied, I didn't know that many people from Southern France went to America.
  4. Gooding's Avatar
    Thank you both so much. God is good..
  5. Lutiferre's Avatar
    I am happy for your choice. It seems it took a long while of spiritual trial and error before you ended up with Christ yet again. I think you described it best yourself; knowing where the truth is not, and then finding out where it is. I hope you stay and grow in Christ in the faith.

  6. Murphy's Avatar
    Good to have you home, mo chara .

    Yours in Christ,
  7. 's Avatar
    Very insightful post.

    European Preservation to me means to preserve my culture and history which is unique to Europe. For example, the preservation of Albanian culture and history.

    You are right that meddling with certain foreign influences is bad. For example, and i dont mean to sound like a bigot, meddling of Philipines with Europeans. Point is two different culture with likely different lifestyle.
  8. Lyfing's Avatar
    Hail Thorulf..!!..We will be alright with the likes of us at fight..!!
  9. Gooding's Avatar
    Thank you all so much for your support!
  10. Thorum's Avatar
    Best of luck my friend!!
  11. Gooding's Avatar
    I'm seeing the neurosurgeon on Tuesday, Tref. Oddly enough, my second cousin, Allen Prunty, a McDonald on his mother's side as I am on mine, had prolactinoma about a year ago and underwent hormone therapy.He told me that my symptoms now are just like his a year ago. This opens up the possibility of this being a genetic condition.I'm going to mention this to the neurosurgeon on Tuesday.
  12. Treffie's Avatar
    A benign tumour on the pituitary gland can be really nasty. What's the course of treatment, Gooding?
  13. Lenny's Avatar
    I'm sure you'll be ok my friend.
  14. Amarantine's Avatar
    Good luck!
  15. Skandi's Avatar
    A benign tumour? at least that is good news, and now you know what was wrong, good luck with the treatment.
  16. Baron Samedi's Avatar
    Ah yes, I might try and meet up with them in October. My Gildmate Grimnir is part of the Wolves.
  17. Thorum's Avatar
    It is day 7 of not smoking for me. How about you?
  18. Thorum's Avatar
    Finn, I didn't know. Keep it up my friend!! Good job!!
  19. Baron Samedi's Avatar
    That's always a pleasure to hear. What very little ancestry searching I did was always entertaining and worthwhile.
  20. Gooding's Avatar
    Indeed there is,Aemma, indeed there is.Found out about a week ago that I had Welsh blood through my Dad's side of the family.So, that makes it English,Scottish,Irish and Welsh for my father.
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