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  1. calxpal's Avatar
    Interesting article, especially since I've had a lot of issues with rude people. I've found that ignoring usually works but sometimes unfortunately some crazy people will keep on going and going until they finally get a reaction. I've tried using politeness and it almost never worked, often it made things worse, I've had better luck being rude in return. The last method I've actually never tried or thought about.
  2. Celestia's Avatar
    Nice post.

    I sent my mother a pop-up card for mothers day rather than flowers and she appreciated the uniqueness of it. Lovepop is a really good brand for those in the States. I believe they also ship out to UK, Germany, France and a few other countries.
  3. Tannhauser's Avatar
    Good article.
  4. Kamal900's Avatar
    Is it healthy for people with OCD?
  5. ♥ Lily ♥'s Avatar
    I haven't played bingo in years!

    I'm surprised the article advises to not play with friends, as my grandparents used to play it and go to bingo halls with their friends.

    During the school holidays we'd sometimes go along as a family with our parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and our grandparents and their friends too. We'd sit it a table together, and other people would sit with their friends and relatives. It was a lot of fun.

    Our nan would buy me and my sisters our own playing cards, and sometimes we'd win nice little prizes.

    The bingo number callers would say 'legs eleven' and people would wolf-whistle for no. 11, and lots of other funny terms were used when calling out numbers. They'd call out 'two little ducks'... and everyone in the room would go 'quack quack' whenever 22 was called out.

    Maybe I should play bingo again as I haven't won anything on Thunderball or the Lottery. I think there's a lot more chances of winning a prize in bingo.