1. Coronavirus Outbreak: Protect Yourself Against it with These Beneficial Ways

    Coronaviruses are a big family of viruses that bring about diseases extending from the
    ordinary cough or cold to more serious ones like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-
    CoV) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV). The novel Coronavirus (nCoV) is a
    new-found strain that hasn't been formerly discovered in humans.

    These viruses are zoonotic. Meaning, they are spread between people
  2. Best days to play Bingo

    Originally known in America as Beano. It was the game where players used to buy some cards and wait for the announcer to call the winning numbers picking them from a bowl. To win, players had to fill a line whether horizontally or vertically.

    Its popularity is all due to an American man named Lowe. The legend tells he was also responsible to change its name to Bingo. From the moment when he made his friends play the game at his house to test their appreciation of it, the popularity
  3. Do You Need Workforce Planning?

    As an employer its important to be aware of everything that is going on in your business. But, this is
    only a small part of your role and one that should take very little of your time. With the right team,
    your managers should feed you with all the information you need.

    Theres a good reason for this, you should be focused on the future. Thats knowing where the
    company is heading, what type of competition and issues you may face, and the best way to do your
  4. Is the MOT test going to improve in the years to come?

    There have been a couple of changes made to the MOT test, despite multiple conversations
    about scrapping it altogether. In a recent conversation, the spokesperson for the RAC said that
    scrapping the MOT would be a huge step backward and a recipe for disaster.

    There were multiple points raised about the MOT stating that the test was no longer valid and
    each of these was refuted by the RAC. They even confidently stated that the UK public would not
    support ...
  5. What Everyone Should Know Before Visiting Europe

    There is no denying that a trip to Europe can be a once in a lifetime trip. Heck, with the
    current state of the economy there arent many families that are fortunate enough to be able
    to take a trip like this. If you are one of these lucky families then you want to make sure that
    you are making the most of every possible minute. But, how does one go about doing this
    when they only have a limited amount of time in the country? This is a fair question and
    completely ...
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