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"Blackest hood cat takes on anthropolOGy-related culture and community."
— Detroit Daily
"Wholesome altlite family history blog I can show to my wife's son."
— Breitbart
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— New York Times

  1. Highlights: Best of the Apricity – #2

    Mostly off-topic entries that do not fit anywhere else but nevertheless I find them interesting enough to be included in this recap:
    1. Disney XD presents That's So Raven!™
    2. Dogs and humans: Best animal pals since forever
    3. Lifespan calculator (Version 1)
    4. Immune system gap
    5. Sleep shrinks your brain
    6. Civilized animals raise a feral human
    7. Human baby language (baby babble #BUSTED)
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  2. Svipdag (quote)

    Quote by the biggest baller in this cute little punk-ass hood. Motherfucker now rolls with celestial homies in Valhalla. Respect.

    "This is not my time; this is not my world; these are not my people."

  3. 🌈 Queer* Radically Fit PSA to all you body-positive models. [sponsored by Nietzsche Foundation]

    All of y'all "big boned" niggas best start eating that healthy pro-duce today or you finna turn into six-feet-under niggas and then who protect tha "European heritage"? Think yo selves as being part of the future generation because it's them future generation niggas you
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    Meta shit
  4. Back to Skool – Taxonomy 101 (Updated)

    "Subraces don't exist.."
    — My Big Black Dick
    Discount humanphenotypes overview for my convenience:

    Baltid = intermediate between Northeastern European CM and Northern Asian Mongolid
    Alpinid = Gracile Eurasian CM
    ┗ "Strandid" = Scandinavian Alpinid
    ┗ "Brunn" = Western Irish CM
    ┗ "Borreby" = North Sea CM (+ Alpine)
    ┗ "Falid" = CM + Nordid

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  5. Gallery: Black American Genetics (23andMe/AncestryDNA Results)

    Y'all niggas clueless about Black American niggas besta sit down and be humble now cuz you bouta get educladed, boiii.

    Hit or miss, I guess WASP niggas never miss huh
    Y'all got blond hoes, I bet they don't kiss ya (mwah!)
    WASP niggas gon' find a Kween and they won't miss ya
    Black Americans gon skrrt to tha ancestral homeland* and hit tha dab like Wiz Adolf Khalifa

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