1. An Outline of History – Info-Graphic

    By Jonathan Hess

    Portuguese version:

    Moral & Ethic
  2. 3 Ukraines - Novorossiya


    Nicholas Nicholaides; 18.10.2017.

    Link: https://www.geopolitica.ru/en/articl...ds-novorossiya

    The future of Russia as an independent state and world leader in a multipolar world will be determined in Novorossiya.
    The battle for Novorossiya (and eastern Malorossiya) will be determined in the Kreml. As soon as the russian leaders decide to liberate Novorossiya

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  3. Uptightness: Loosen Up To Be More Socially Successful

    As I promised in my last post (Hedgehog's Dilemma) almost a year ago I will continue to develop on interpersonal relationships, here is the second post:

    -By Chris MacLeod, MSW.

    One broad way to do better with people is to lighten up a bit. For a subset of people with social difficulties, a core issue they have is that many of their behaviors and attitudes are too uptight:

    • They get irritated by social annoyances that most people let slide.
    • They care

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  4. Hedgehog's Dilemma

    In the following posts I will continue to develop the subject of interpersonal relationships, especially those related to anxiety disorder in social relationships.

    Today I am going to introduce the metaphor / paradox about the hedgehog dilemma or the porcupine dilemma.

    A number of porcupines huddled together for warmth on a cold day in winter; but, as they began to prick one another ...

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  5. Kurt Hahn’s “Six declines of Modern Youth” (and “Four Antidotes”)

    Hahn identified what he called the ‘Six Declines of Modern Youth’ and the ‘Four Antidotes to the Declines of Modern Youth’. These were:

    The Six Declines of Modern Youth:

    1. Decline of Fitness due to modern methods of locomotion (moving about);
    2. Decline of Initiative and Enterprise due to the widespread disease of ‘spectatoritis’;
    3. Decline of Memory and Imagination due to the confused restlessness of modern life;
    4. Decline of Skill and Care due to the weakened

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    Moral & Ethic
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