1. It`s Worth A Try

    I`m going to enter a writing competition.
    There`s prize money in it, and I`d love to be highbrow and say I don`t care about that, but well, it`s a LOT of prize money, so of course I do!
    Well, there`s this recession going on here, you see...
    But also, I love writing. Short stories mainly...haven`t got a book in me. I just love writing though.
    Thing is, most of my stories are..well...a bit on the wyrd side...barbarians and Sidhe folks, hounds and hidden realms and ...
  2. I Love My Wee Car!

    Well, love is probably not the word, since it`s old..progressed temporarily from the Peugot which drove like a brick, to the Vauxhall Astra Estate, but hey, the estate has a heater that works, woohoo!
    So here`s the deal...been up since three am, worked, had food, worked again, posted on here (quite possibly the highlight of the morning) and ate again then had to drive down to the ferry terminal, some eight winding, meandering miles, to pick up the son, who`d been into town, on mainland. ...
  3. Still Dark....

    It`s seven am here, still dark. I have been up, for the umpteenth night in a row, since three am. This is a particularly bad bout of insomnia, one of a kind I haven`t had for over a year. I`m averaging about two hours of sleep a night and it`s beginning to tell.
    There are stages to sleep deprivation...you go through an achy, tired, heavy stage, then onto a kind of `drunk` stage where everything seems funny and you (well, I) giggle lots.
    Now I`m at the zombie stage, where I could ...

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  4. First Blog

    Am I the first one then? Oh god....
    Well, I`ve done blogs before, but to be honest I lead a fairly quiet and dull life, so don`t usually have much to write about!
    I`m an insomniac, and bloody tired (pun intended) of getting up at three am no matter what time I go to sleep.
    On the one hand, I get the nights `to myself`, as it seems like the world sleeps, and I sit at the laptop or watching tv (the rubbish they put on through the night, eek!) and have a huge window to look out ...
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