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  1. Trinacria: A Tale of Three Cousins.

    Sicilians are a clannish people. This is especially true in the Diaspora, where they more often than not stick together out of necessity due to being a minority.

    As a result, family bonds are formed through more than just biology. If you've known someone since childhood, and their parents and your parents are friends, then they become your cousin or in some extreme cases, your sibling.

    The Trinacria is the ancient symbol of Sicily, stemming from the Greek period. It ...
  2. Here are my Native Polulation

    Here are my results there off just little with Native Polulation Ovambo Bantu (Namibia) (0.06)
    Guinea-Bissau (0.21)
    Ovambo Bantu (Namibia) (0.05)
    Berber (Azrou, Morocco) (0.35)
    Venda (South Africa) (0.03)
    Southern Morocco (Arabic speakers) (0.38)
    Tswana (South Africa) (0.01)
    Tsonga (Shangaan) (0.03)
    Guinea-Bissau (0.15)
    Angola (0.04)
    Krk, Croatia (0.39)
    Tanzania (0.06)
    Maputo, ...
  3. Pagan Portugal

    The All Saints day was established as a Christian festival in 609 or 610 by Pope Boniface IV [1]. The Christian tradition tends to smother and obliterate the root of all these pagan traditions as old as time and sourced from our Indo-European cultural matrix.

    Yesterday, when driving on a highway in the province of Salamanca, heard on a local radio Salmantina, therefore from a land of great religious Christian fervor, a brief note about this pagan tradition. Nothing that I did not ...
  4. The vicissitudes of time and problem Alevi identity in Bulgaria

    The first author was interested in relevant literature is ethnographer Dimitar Marinov. Intriguing feature of "'This so interesting tribe in our country, which differs from Turks and Bulgarians, "he poses the problem of its origin.
    Perfectly clear that Marinov had no knowledge of these things and his works are haracterized by inconsistency in terms of hypothesis. It seems he was not fully convinced in his
    personal position offers. The "People's faith and religious folk ...
  5. The rise of Amerika and the death of the US of A

    The time has come to admit the truth.

    "These United States of America" is an obsolete term. It is now "Amerika".

    We have gone completely rogue, off the rails, over the edge, round the bend. However you say it, it cannot be ignored.

    We were a great nation of laws, a nation of freedom. It's over. We are now just a country. An immensely powerful juggernaut bleeding to death, and with a ruling elite that doesn't care if
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