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  1. My Response to Magister Eckhart's Lies

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    The best he can often come up with is name-calling, so I wouldn't pay too much attention to him.The fact that the best he has with which to attack me in this thread is calling me a "Jew-baiter" because I don't like the ADL ...
    You're being disingenuous. Show me a single quote where I said this. Don't bother, we both know you can't. I couldn't care less if you approve or disapprove of the ADL (or the Jews for that matter, see here). I never "attacked" you because ...
  2. My Response to Norse Sword on Gay Marriage, Part II

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    In fact, the POLL here is actually the porpotional truth of the matter, only about 25 % of people accept homosexuals, period.

    Are you stating that the POLL here is not accurate? I would consider the members of this forum to be well educated and impartial, YET THEY OVERWHELMINGLY REJECT GAY MARRIAGE!


    But don't go to a GAY BAR to take a poll either.
    The poll you are referring to is not a scientific survey of public opinion, and ...
  3. My More Measured Response to Decimator

    Ok. So, after admittedly losing my patience with Decimator's response (here) to my original post (here) I present a more measured response below.

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    There are just too many fags in this thread who are really ashamed of their buggery and try to justify it so it's my last post here as I've already made my point so this is my last reply. I just want to add that I respect all fags as people just like I respect all paedophiles and sheep fuckers as persons as well.
    So, immediately ...

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  4. Comparing Northern and Southern European Women's Backsides, Part 3b

    [continued from previous post...]

    Northern European women's bodies look more "androgynous" or "boyish" when compared to Mediterranean women. Indeed, compare the behinds of Northern European women with the more "fleshy" look of Southern European women and there's no comparison at all as to which most men would prefer:

    ... the "slim" Northern European type ...


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  5. Vasconcelos ancestry - early Middle Ages, Dark Ages and late Roman Empire

    It's certainly not an accurate topic, a lot of this geneaology is based on old records, probably not all of it correct, and the further back you go, the more inaccurate it gets..but it's still what is commonly accepted, so I'll play along. I found it slightly disturbing the amount of times people eventually ended up marrying their cousins (not necessarly direct ones, though)..or maybe I shouldn't, it was rather common practice at the time, it probably also means I'm descendent of people with serious ...
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