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  1. First Blog

    Am I the first one then? Oh god....
    Well, I`ve done blogs before, but to be honest I lead a fairly quiet and dull life, so don`t usually have much to write about!
    I`m an insomniac, and bloody tired (pun intended) of getting up at three am no matter what time I go to sleep.
    On the one hand, I get the nights `to myself`, as it seems like the world sleeps, and I sit at the laptop or watching tv (the rubbish they put on through the night, eek!) and have a huge window to look out ...
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  2. Strength, Balance, Courage and Wisdom

    Among the traditions of the Catalans, one of the most well-known is the castells or castles, usually translated into English as human towers. It is also a highly symbolic tradition, although to the eye of a tourist or a passer-by, this may just look like a spectacular but crazy thing with children doing the risky part. However, the risks of it are much fewer than it first seems, and the fun, sense of collectivity, mix of decision, courage, accuracy, and balance exceed by far every other feeling. ...
  3. Flag of Georgia

    The official Flag of Georgia is the "Five-cross Flag", restored to official use on January 14, 2004, after a break of some 500 years. It was previously the flag of the medieval Georgian kingdom.

    Originally, the white flag with the single red St. George's cross was used by the Georgian King Vakhtang Gorgasali in the 5th century as the national symbol of the Georgian state and nation. During the golden age of the ...
  4. Hail Moscow! by Dr. Joseph Goebbels, 1927

    Following the celebration of the ten year anniversary of the Russian Revolution, three young Berlin communists from the Kpernick district committed suicide after they had taken a touching farewell from their comrades. They explained calmly that they had lost faith in the future of the International.

    It is said of Ernst Thlmann, the communist leader, that during the Hamburg uprising he laid ...