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  1. From my upcoming Novel "Uphill"

    The opening sequence from the first chapter of my new Novel "Uphill"

    C'mon kid, hang on, sweetie, help is coming!

    Jake looked down at the tiny figure lying limp on the wet carpet. Her long blond hair soaked and matted around an expressionless purple face. She was cold, so very cold. Her flesh felt stiff, like a half-thawed piece of meat. He could see her ribs right through her almost translucent skin. Jake tasted bile in the back of his ...
  2. Pip's NDEs

    The 1st 2 blackouts I remember with any clarity happened on 15 & 18 Jan 08.

    The alarm went off at 04:20 (both days) as I had to be into work no later than 06:00. I slapped the off button and next thing I knew, I was on the floor chewing the carpet about 1 minute later. I had a burning sensation across the back of my neck both times, 2nd time I got a rug burn on my forehead, which left a scar, the abrasion was so deep.

    1st time, I got up, took my shower, dressed ...
  3. The Dishonesty of Political Correctness

    When truth is distilled by political correctness in a vain attempt to make it universally palatable, it invariably mutates into a lie. And since all lies are evil, don't you think it is time for the light of truth to shine once again throughout our troubled nation?

    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    First of all, do you refuse to accept the socially pervasive dogma that traditional white Americans are inherently evil, but are hesitant ...
  4. Demonstrations in Egypt lead to army being sent in to impose curfew

    Protests in Egypt have prompted the military to be directed in to contain demonstrations and impose a stiff curfew. President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak is anticipated to address the situation, though many demonstrators are asking for his resignation. Mohamed Elbaradei, a Nobel Laureate and key figure in opposition to Mubarak's regime, has been placed on house criminal arrest by security forces during the protests. This is yet another struggle that is going to take much more than pay day loan to repair. ...
  5. want my life back

    I am an entrepreneur, business type.
    The world of business is always full of uncertainties, one never, never has the full picture from the crystal ball, but fragmented and fuzzy images that need to be pieced together to form some sensible idea. Decisions are made based on those ideas - my money is always at risk on these decisions.
    One of my boys says - we're always 3 bad decisions away from bankruptcy! He is right.
    We are a group of 18 engineers that do design work, geeky ...
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