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  1. Who the BEEP is Mrs. Swan???

    We need to find out...

    For Gigolo. We need to do this for Gigolo.


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  2. 18/12/2013

    Αχ, και να ξερες λατρεια μου για' σένα τη μπορώ να κάνω,
    στον ηλιο θα ταξιδευα και λίγο παραπάνω.
    Όσο ...

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    THE GEOPOLITICS OF RUSSIA: Permanent Struggle

    Russia’s defining characteristic is its indefensibility. Unlike the core of most states that are relatively defensible, core Russia is limited to the region of the medieval Grand Principality of Muscovy. It counts no rivers, oceans, swamps or mountains marking its borders — it relies solely on the relatively inhospitable climate and its forests for defense. Russian history is a chronicle of the agony of surviving invasion after
  4. Silverknight's Love & Life quotes/ feelings

    Life and the true meaning of love


    " Life its self is a mystery, but no much different then a history, we all seek true love, but love is the ones that has to seek us first..
    We're civilized animals trapped in human form, but we don't realize how much we can't conform, we need to learn that love itself is only found only in pure essence is an gift, but it's still an ability just like good sunny days have become
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  5. Introduction to Democracy, The God That Failed by Hans Hermann Hoppe


    Theory and History

    On the most abstract level, I want to show how theory is indispensible in correctly interpreting history. History — the sequence of events unfolding in time — is "blind." It reveals nothing about causes and effects. We may agree, for instance, that feudal Europe was poor, that monarchical Europe was wealthier, and that democratic Europe is wealthier still, or that nineteenth-century ...
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