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  1. Raising A Little Girl In 4 Trads

    My mother takes my daughter to church on Sunday.My daughter sees me holding devotions to the Aesir and ancestors and I tell her some of the stories.My wife tells her of the ancient Fae and the Egyptian gods after I give her "Asa-time" on Friday night.My daughter's biological mother is Celtic Wiccan and as they live together, she's more exposed to that than anything else.Mostly, though, with us she's a little girl who is also my daughter.We encourage her to be a little girl and only later ...
  2. On Being a Southern Hemisphere Heathen.

    A suggestion was made to me by Aemma in regards to writing up this subject, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

    I live in a part of the world that still sees the need to conform to Northern Hemisphere traditions, mainly because of our Indo European heritage.

    In particular, Christmas is flogged to death in December, as a carryover from Yuletide. All the Christmas cards printed are of Santa, reindeer and snow, bloody snow!

    In our part of the world - and ...
  3. Lincoln's Opinion on the Negro

    [QUOTE=∆meric;16336]Abraham Lincoln would be denounced as a racist if he was alive today. Weird given that Obama has tried to make much of the fact that he (Obama) was elected from the land of Lincoln, anounced his candidancy for the presidency from the Old Statehouse in Springfield where Lincoln served & took the oath of office on Lincoln's Bible. And made a big deal of taking the same route by train from New York to Washington as Lincoln, part of the pre-inaugural festivites.:rolleyes: ...
  4. After Glow

    by , 02-13-2009 at 01:10 PM (Diary of a Madman: Aphorisms, Maxims and Allegories)
    The Heavens descend in the form of tragedy...

    And I ask too much of the wounded.

    Bell shaped curves, rocketing back and forth, circumnavigating droplettes of sweat -

    Straight on, to the more angelic features of a dream.

    We lay breathless, wordless, in a four-walled world of promises,

    The chasm, a head held high, a strategic absence of held-hands and ribboned boxes,

    opened further by our nonchalance...

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  5. Keltic Nordid+Bruenn Reflections

    So, the Bruenn are the Upper Paleolithic inhabitants of Britain that probably appeared in the British Isles from the Iberian peninsula millenia ago.Their phenotype form a large part of the present day British and Irish populace, but this type is at times mixed with other subraces, such as the Keltic Nordids, Anglo-Saxons,Hallstatts Borreby,Tronder and Atlanto-Mediterranids that also settled the British Isles.
    The Keltic Nordid phenotype arrived from Gaul and Iberia a few centuries later.Naturally, ...