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  1. Is it rude to ghost someone your talking to when your just not feeling it anymore?

    Hello everyone this is my first thread, Iím curious what others opinionís are, basically I donít think thereís anything wrong with it and my close friends think Iím a little heartless because of that
  2. The Art Embroidery Digitizing

    Embroidery is an art which is usually used to decorate fabrics with threads and yarn with needles. Sometimes designers also use other materials called beads, pearls, sequin and quills to give it more eye catching. Some of the most use stitching is running stitching, satin stitch, cross stitch etc. As the technology grows machine is also use for embroidery which is easier and cheap as compare to hand embroidery. Even now embroidery digitizing designs are available to be downloading. Place your digitized ...
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  3. Islamic Religiosity Explored by BBC
    Islamic Religiosity Explored by BBC

    Islamic Religiosity Explored by BBC

    The Queerness of Christian Theology. A world of wonder disguised as Doctrine.
  4. The Fallen United Kingdom

  5. The Exorcism of 'Muhammad'

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