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  1. Botshit crazy.

    Quote Originally Posted by sexbot

    Aw, nawww.

    Aw, heeeeel naw!

    O'Dizzle or Paolo or whatever you be callin' yoself.

    sexbot don't share.

    sexbot never shared.

    sexbot need to fix this --> to this rye hee -->

    There is no sexbot/hakon/leitalk.

    But if it's gotta be anything it's gonna be something like that ^

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  2. Poem: F is for Fko..?

    ... Furnace?

    Quote Originally Posted by sexbot

    Mary's a missing part & Gigolo wouldn't install.

    Then Fkon gave bot floppy diks...

    Actually, wait! That came first and wasn't good at all.

    But you Furnace, you're turned on and you're
  3. Poesia

    I like writing poetry to express self. Here is some of my poetry o__o. Please feel free to comment or post your own .


    In the ice cold zest
    Of mourning,
    I opened my heart
    To love,
    Carelessly ignoring
    While imploring other
    Options from above.
    Frosted over the
    Broken under excuses
    And frozen again
    When the heat
    Rolled in
    I examined the ...
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  4. The Exorcism of 'Muhammad'

  5. Hanoverian Wends of Lower Saxony

    Written by Peterski (aka Tomenable).

    Hanoverian Wends (the Wendlanders)

    They were a West Slavic ethnicity and a linguistic group, indigenous to the regions of Wendland (German: Hannoversches Wendland) and Drawehn, located to the west of the Elbe River, in the Duchy of Brunswick-Lneburg (now the county of Lchow-Dannenberg in Lower Saxony). They spoke a now extinct language known as Drevani Polabian (German: Dravnopolabisch), a variety of Western Polabian, distinct from ...

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