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  1. sad today

    the so-called 'boyfriend' keeps letting me down. i adore him but i can't trust him.
  2. FaceRock

    Shine on Harvest Moon

    Queen of Jungles (GMT)

    Geoff Wainwright, ...

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  3. Is there a Jewish conspiracy?

    Before mass immigration(and mostly even now) if a Korean immigrated to Australia, his children were Australian and his great grandchildren would have zero allegiance to Korea.

    They would think Australian and be Australian.

    This can be said for every other race on the planet.

    Some Jews are different.

    Some Jews assimilate like the others, but that also means that they cease to become Jews.Some Jews do not. This is their decision, not the ...

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  4. Why I troll

    People wonder I troll. I get asked why I troll so many people and what do I gain from it. Well, I troll for as a reaction to my environment and for a purpose. The environment permits me to troll without any sort of repercussions and I troll people who act like fools. There's too much fools to take seriously to have a serious debate. I act based on my judgment of you, as I am a very judgmental person (and I don't care if you have a problem with that).

    I'll give you an example of a ...
  5. American Imperialism

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