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  1. You Ain't a Cherokee Princess/Genghis Khan/King of the Celts/Cleopatra, Dawg

    Genealogy is an elaborate fiction.

    Statistically, you and some random nigga on the street are more related than any of them historic niggas from the 2nd BCE, 9th CE, 12th, 15th, 16th century y'all think are related to.

    You, me, your pet, everyone is a jumble of DNA; autistic gene LEGO blocks randomly smashed together as if by a neurotypical baby in a fit then thrown in a jambalaya pot and overcooked by burned-out ...
  2. Stupid Anthro Dogmas – #1 – Haplogroups

    "Erm, my haplogroup is Derp 2 which is associated with the ancient Hurrpians which makes me a Hurrpian. :)"

    Why can't people ever get it through their heads that non-autosomes have a negligible influence over a person's phenotype, if any at all?

    Case in point: