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  1. Article: Siberian/East Asian Admixture in Ashkenazi Jews and Eastern Europeans

    Thicc hair commonly found in East Asians is also found in Ashkenazi (but not Sephardi and Mizrahi-Yemenite) niggas and Eastern Europe niggas (Hungarians, Ukrainians, Romanians, Russians).

    (This nigga is actually pseudo-Turanid* but at first glance I be like "你好,黑人" ngl)

    *Gordon-Levitt's pseudo-epicanthic ...
  2. Rant: PSA to all y'all ""Caucasian"" niggas out there

    Y'all spoiled pumpkin spice latte-sipping, old racist cracker woman-voting suburban Millennial whiteboys on anthro forums, Succbook, Plebbit, YouTube, and elsewhere, who always be like:
    "erm, I am a Caucasian American, I'm so very proudie of my 1/4 Norwegian 1/2 Russian 1/8 African American 1/1024 Cherokee Princess ancestry here to celebrate my European
    Meta shit
  3. Slideshow: Folk Costumes

    Armenian folk costumes are hands down the most beautiful and fascinating. I owe Tumblr for stumbling across traditional costume-related photos, including this one, which depicts the Armenian bridal headgear:

    Below I include more interesting trad outfits:

  4. Stupid Anthro Dogmas – #1 – Haplogroups

    "Erm, my haplogroup is Derp 2 which is associated with the ancient Hurrpians which makes me a Hurrpian. :)"

    Why can't people ever get it through their heads that non-autosomes have a negligible influence over a person's phenotype, if any at all?

    Case in point:
  5. Post #1 – Taxonomy Cat Rules (Updated)

    First-hand observations & informal impressions:
    1. No profile pic (face from the side) equals worthless taxonomy.
    2. "Some people" cannot tell Gypsies, Turks, West Asian people apart. 🤣🤣🤣
    3. Everybody hates the three Bs (Baltids, Borrebys, Brunns).
    4. "Dark" Brits (e.g. Keltic Nordid) cannot pass in Southern Europe.
    5. A Nordid Nordic person with dark features (hair, eye color) cannot pass in Southern Europe.
    6. A Dinaro-Med Southern

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