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  1. Slideshow: Folk Costumes

    Armenian folk costumes are hands down the most beautiful and fascinating. I owe Tumblr for stumbling across traditional costume-related photos, including this one, which depicts the Armenian bridal headgear:

    Below I include more interesting trad outfits:

  2. Stupid Anthro Dogmas #1 Haplogroups

    "Erm, my haplogroup is Derp 2 which is associated with the ancient Hurrpians which makes me a Hurrpian. :)"

    Why can't people ever get it through their heads that non-autosomes have a negligible influence over a person's phenotype, if any at all?

    Case in point:
  3. Post #1 Taxonomy Cat Rules (Updated)

    First-hand observations & informal impressions:
    1. No profile pic (face from the side) equals worthless taxonomy.
    2. "Some people" cannot tell Gypsies, Turks, West Asian people apart. 🤣🤣🤣
    3. Everybody hates the three Bs (Baltids, Borrebys, Brunns).
    4. "Dark" Brits (e.g. Keltic Nordid) cannot pass in Southern Europe.
    5. A Nordid Nordic person with dark features (hair, eye color) cannot pass in Southern Europe.
    6. A Dinaro-Med Southern

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  4. Post #0 Welcome to me e-crib, now get tha fuck out nigga.

    *cocks uzi*

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    Meta shit
  5. The Art Embroidery Digitizing

    [B]Embroidery[/B] is an art which is usually used to decorate fabrics with threads and yarn with needles. Sometimes designers also use other materials called beads, pearls, sequin and quills to give it more eye catching. Some of the most use stitching is running stitching, satin stitch, cross stitch etc. As the technology grows machine is also use for embroidery which is easier and cheap as compare to hand embroidery. Even now [B]embroidery digitizing[/B] designs are available to be downloading. ...
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