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  1. My development, if that's not too pretentious a description...

    Inspired by Psychonaut's chart here:

    ... I thought I'd have a bit of a go myself. Not absolutely complete or as fully joined up as could be, but some of an idea at least. Fun to play with the program that made it, anyway! :D

  2. A Theory of the 20th Century

    We of European descent are in a very strange place today, sociopolitically. Sometimes our heads spin when we try to make sense of it. Herein it will be explained how we got to where we are by looking at the history of the past century with the benefit of hindsight and unconstrained by P.C.

    The 20th Century will be remembered as a massive three-way Kulturkampf within the European and European-derived world for ideological supremacy and ...
  3. Strength, Balance, Courage and Wisdom

    Among the traditions of the Catalans, one of the most well-known is the castells or castles, usually translated into English as human towers. It is also a highly symbolic tradition, although to the eye of a tourist or a passer-by, this may just look like a spectacular but crazy thing with children doing the risky part. However, the risks of it are much fewer than it first seems, and the fun, sense of collectivity, mix of decision, courage, accuracy, and balance exceed by far every other feeling. ...
  4. Old softie...4 cats in the house now

    Hey all;

    Yesterday made 8 weeks since my wife and I took in a 10 year old cat. Miss Teia lost her family due to their house being taken through foreclosure. Her owners are Kin of one of Anita's comrades in the woman's veterans group to which she belongs. (Anita was an officer in the US Air Force for a little over 13 years and is disabled due to service connected injuries.)

    We told them that if it became a choice between us and the pound, we'd take her; 10 year old ...
  5. European Preservationism and What It Means to Me

    European Preservation..ah, two words that seem specifically designed to put a big old smile on my face. I look at it from a somewhat folkish point of view, in that my people define themselves and their folkways without wanting or needing any input from outsiders.Who are my people?Largely Colonial Stock Americans of British descent, with German and Swiss additions and the French Creole element being the most recent, via my great-grandmother.My wife is largely the same, without Swiss blood and with ...