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  1. What Everyone Should Know Before Visiting Europe

    There is no denying that a trip to Europe can be a once in a lifetime trip. Heck, with the
    current state of the economy there aren’t many families that are fortunate enough to be able
    to take a trip like this. If you are one of these lucky families then you want to make sure that
    you are making the most of every possible minute. But, how does one go about doing this
    when they only have a limited amount of time in the country? This is a fair question and
    completely ...
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  2. Moji tekstovi - My own lyrics #4

    Dok vreme prolazi,
    Kao brzi vozovi,
    A tebe nema da se vratiš,
    I u snove da mi svratiš.
    Dok vreme prolazi,
    Ja u mestu još stojim,
    Na istom onom mestu,
    Odakle ti odlaziš...
    O da li je to ljubav,
    Kada jedno srce voli,
    O da li je to sreća,
    Dok ono drugo, 
    sve me više boli...
  3. Moji tekstovi - My own lyrics #3

    Pred mojim si očima,
    Tako stvarna, još uvek si tu,
    Bez tebe ne mogu noćima,
    A imam te samo u snu.
    Dok dan za danom prolazi,
    Jure kao brzi vozovi,
    Ja samo želim, tvoje ruke,
    Onu tvoju čednost,
    Da mi noći sa tobom,
    Traju kao čitava večnost ...
  4. Ethno-Cultural Probe I.

    Proto-language (infants' language).
    Csango people, Romania - culture, music.

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  5. Enter the Triplecity Zone. (v1)

    You're traveling through another dimension.
    A dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.
    A journey into a wondrous land of imagination.
    Next stop—

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