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  1. Moji tekstovi - My own lyrics #5

    Ti odlazis,
    Ja ostajem tu,
    Po srcu mi gazis,
    Samo si u snu
    Kuda dalje?
    Kako bez tebe?
    Koji put je pravi?
    A zelim te samo za sebe,
    A ti me zaboravi...
  2. Is the MOT test going to improve in the years to come?

    There have been a couple of changes made to the MOT test, despite multiple conversations
    about scrapping it altogether. In a recent conversation, the spokesperson for the RAC said that
    scrapping the MOT would be a huge step backward and a recipe for disaster.

    There were multiple points raised about the MOT stating that the test was no longer valid and
    each of these was refuted by the RAC. They even confidently stated that the UK public would not
    support ...
  3. What Everyone Should Know Before Visiting Europe

    There is no denying that a trip to Europe can be a once in a lifetime trip. Heck, with the
    current state of the economy there aren’t many families that are fortunate enough to be able
    to take a trip like this. If you are one of these lucky families then you want to make sure that
    you are making the most of every possible minute. But, how does one go about doing this
    when they only have a limited amount of time in the country? This is a fair question and
    completely ...
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  4. Moji tekstovi - My own lyrics #4

    Dok vreme prolazi,
    Kao brzi vozovi,
    A tebe nema da se vratiš,
    I u snove da mi svratiš.
    Dok vreme prolazi,
    Ja u mestu još stojim,
    Na istom onom mestu,
    Odakle ti odlaziš...
    O da li je to ljubav,
    Kada jedno srce voli,
    O da li je to sreća,
    Dok ono drugo, 
    sve me više boli...
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