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  1. Gallery: Black American Genetics (23andMe/AncestryDNA Results)

    Y'all niggas clueless about Black American niggas besta sit down and be humble now cuz you bouta get educladed, boiii.

    Hit or miss, I guess WASP niggas never miss huh
    Y'all got blond hoes, I bet they don't kiss ya (mwah!)
    WASP niggas gon' find a Kween and they won't miss ya
    Black Americans gon skrrt to tha ancestral homeland* and hit tha dab like Wiz Adolf Khalifa

  2. Ancestry/Heritage Tests (AncestryDNA, MyHeritageDNA, 23andMe, etc Diss)

    It's funny how people still fall for the "ancestry" meme.

    Don't get me wrong, I understand the curiosity here. The ancestry tests are a tool to
    1. discover a plethora of people all carrying snippets of the same DNA as you then pestering them over social media with "Haaii! we're soooo related cuz we share 3.5% of our DNA. Isn't it great? We're practically sisters :)"
    2. or sometimes find
  3. You Ain't a Cherokee Princess/Genghis Khan/King of the Celts/Cleopatra, Dawg

    Genealogy is an elaborate fiction.

    Statistically, you and some random nigga on the street are more related than any of them historic niggas from the 2nd BCE, 9th CE, 12th, 15th, 16th century y'all think are related to.

    You, me, your pet, everyone is a jumble of DNA; autistic gene LEGO blocks randomly smashed together as if by a neurotypical baby in a fit then thrown in a jambalaya pot and overcooked by burned-out ...
  4. Highlights: The Apricity Post Compilation #1

    Mostly off-topic entries that do not fit anywhere else but nevertheless I find them interesting enough to be included in this recap:
    1. Generation Z (mid-1990s to mid-2000s), more like "Based & Redpilled" Generation.
    2. Your parents need your blood to stay alive. Literally.

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  5. Rant: "Friends" and "reputations" (new hot diss track 2020) (WSHH Exclusive) (VEVO) 👏🏿

    I noticed y'all niggas got pretty messed-up priorities here. (what)

    I come to the 'pricity hood to appreciate that in-depth anthropolOGilical analysis and I ain't down with that wack fefe shit, that triflin social Succbook shit, nawmsayin? And you provocative niggas always master-baitin' around tha hood or turning them respectable whole-some threads into yo tweaker troll bando hideouts,[1] suck on my big black majestic member (wow). Or y'all banal busta-ass fools talkin shit about ...
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    Meta shit