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  1. The Art Embroidery Digitizing

    [B]Embroidery[/B] is an art which is usually used to decorate fabrics with threads and yarn with needles. Sometimes designers also use other materials called beads, pearls, sequin and quills to give it more eye catching. Some of the most use stitching is running stitching, satin stitch, cross stitch etc. As the technology grows machine is also use for embroidery which is easier and cheap as compare to hand embroidery. Even now [B]embroidery digitizing[/B] designs are available to be downloading. ...
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  2. The Fallen United Kingdom

  3. The Exorcism of 'Muhammad'

  4. Painting With Words

    So, I do this poetry thing sometimes where I have a person give me 3-5 words and then I write a poem for them. Below are some of my PWW for others.

    Would you like a painting with words? Submit your five words then please .

    "Creeper Set 1"
    (conglomerate- absolution- parsimony)

    He counted his coins with a final sigh,
    A brief release, a small piece of love
    Embedded sweet in a catcher in the rye.
    Each moment, ...
  5. Poesia

    I like writing poetry to express self. Here is some of my poetry o__o. Please feel free to comment or post your own .


    In the ice cold zest
    Of mourning,
    I opened my heart
    To love,
    Carelessly ignoring
    While imploring other
    Options from above.
    Frosted over the
    Broken under excuses
    And frozen again
    When the heat
    Rolled in
    I examined the ...
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