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  1. You Ain't a Cherokee Princess/Genghis Khan/King of the Celts/Cleopatra, Dawg

    Genealogy is an elaborate fiction.

    Statistically, you and some random nigga on the street are more related than any of them historic niggas from the 2nd BCE, 9th CE, 12th, 15th, 16th century y'all think are related to.

    You, me, your pet, everyone is a jumble of DNA; autistic gene LEGO blocks randomly smashed together as if by a neurotypical baby in a fit then thrown in a jambalaya pot and overcooked by burned-out ...
  2. The Armenian Genocide, 1915

    Uğur ‹mit ‹ngŲr

    ĎEither the Armenians would eliminate the Turks or the Turks would eliminate the Armenians. I didnít hesitate for one moment when confronted with this dilemma. My Turkish identity won out
    over my profession. I thought: we must destroy them before they destroy us. If you ask me how I as a doctor could commit murder, my answer is simple: the Armenians had become dangerous
    microbes in the body of this country. And surely it is a doctorís duty to kill bacteria?í

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  3. Anthropology: "Sikeliot's guide to Sicilian phenotypes" (summary)

    Sikeliot's Sicilian truth bombs' up in this motherfucker. 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

    1) Northeast Sicily: Messina, Catania

    Key phenotypes: Alpine, Gracile Med, East Med, Dinarid, Atlantid, Pontid, Nordid, Armenoid, and their derivatives and any combination thereof.
    Closest genetic populations:
  4. Gift Ideas that are Affordable and Amazing

    Now that itís 2020, thereís a whole year of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and holidays that demand gifts. But if finding the perfect gift isnít really your forte, or if your walletís still suffering from last yearís round of exchanges, gift-giving can be a challenge.

    Though gifts are rarely mandatory, itís always a nice gesture. Even if itís something small, itís really the thought that counts. But there are times when thoughts simply arenít enough.

    So how
  5. Top 7 cultural updates about Europe that every first-time traveler needs to know

    A lot of people who visit Europe come with an expectation that except the language, it wouldnít be any different from their home country. Well, to break the news for you, yes, we are turning global and all that, but there are still some differences that the first-time travelers will notice on their visit to Europe.

    Please know that dealing with generalizations isnít difficult whatís difficult is to restrict ourselves from finding faults. The West of Europe is a huge place, and it
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