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Am I the first one then? Oh god....
Well, I`ve done blogs before, but to be honest I lead a fairly quiet and dull life, so don`t usually have much to write about!
I`m an insomniac, and bloody tired (pun intended) of getting up at three am no matter what time I go to sleep.
On the one hand, I get the nights `to myself`, as it seems like the world sleeps, and I sit at the laptop or watching tv (the rubbish they put on through the night, eek!) and have a huge window to look out of.
Which would be great if it wasn`t night time, and pitch black...
Later though, I watch the sun rise, all rose, gold and warm fire, over the fields in the East, and watch Sunna`s light roll like liquid gold over the undulations of field and hollow, kissing the pond by the track with light, bringing, somehow, life to my world.
And soon after, the island comes alive...wild geese throng in the fields, grazing on stubble and dried winter grass. Curlews spear the skies overhead, their lonely, haunting cries drifting down to me as I sit, watching the dawn, behind a pane of glass.
We`ve had storms and gales the past week. Even this morning, the winds scour the isle, seeking entry into every home, whistling a lament, a beguiling melody, under doors, across windows, always wanting to touch a human and kiss bones with northern chill.....
is it any wonder we seek always, heat, fire, light...?
I have a craving for summer, for sunlight, for warmth and ease for my aching bones and tired body and mind.
Ah well, only another few months to go!

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  1. Loki's Avatar
    Haha yes the first blog post, congrats! up
  2. Vulpix's Avatar
    Nice first poetic blog ! up
  3. HawkR's Avatar
    Good going, let's make it a trend. (What? It's a trend allready? Okay then)
  4. Aemma's Avatar
    Ahh sounds nice Oresai....Nótt is also your companion I see. :) I get to see her some of course but not as much as you do it seems.
    When I was younger I used to like being wrapped in her blanket, riding with her across the stars....Now I appreciate her stillness even more when given the chance. :)

    Nice blog entry. :)
  5. 's Avatar
    I anjoyed reading this. good stuff.
    of course, we all anjoy reading material that relates to us I guess. and i can relate so much to this, about the insomia almost never ever do i go to sleep before daylight.
    now i feel like i have master the jurny of the long nights alone.
    but when i was living with my girlfriend use to bother me a little at times while she was sleeping soundly through the night, i would sometimes become selfconscious and get that feeling that the world is leaving me behind.