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First Asatru Sacrifice

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I've never attended an animal sacrifice before and while I'm excited, I'm a little nervous, too.I'm going down to Lynchburg next weekend for a Midsommar Celebration with an Asatruar kindred down there.My meeting yesterday with the folkbuilder and a couple of the Folk went well yesterday and I did have a couple of questions answered:about Loki and about Ragnarok. I was also introduced to Rune lore yesterday.24 runes there are, with a mundane,phoenetic and spiritual meaning. I got a bit of an overload, but I'm really looking forward to delving into the Wolves of Vinland.

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  1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
    Ah yes, I might try and meet up with them in October. My Gildmate Grimnir is part of the Wolves.