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European Preservationism and What It Means to Me

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European Preservation..ah, two words that seem specifically designed to put a big old smile on my face. I look at it from a somewhat folkish point of view, in that my people define themselves and their folkways without wanting or needing any input from outsiders.Who are my people?Largely Colonial Stock Americans of British descent, with German and Swiss additions and the French Creole element being the most recent, via my great-grandmother.My wife is largely the same, without Swiss blood and with Spanish blood going back eight generations.How can we best preserve our people?By staying as true as possible to the ways of our blood and associating with outracials as little as possible, but always maintaining our bearing as the inheritors of an ancient and proud Folk.That involves courtesy, a civilized demeanor and a friendly bearing.People think E.P. and then there are negative connotations drummed into them from the multicultural medium that demands tolerance for every race except for our own. Yes, we have enemies, formidible foes who would want us gone so they can destroy what we've created and maintained for so long.They are not indestructable and we can educate our own against their tactics. The first place to start is at home.We let our young know what's going on and we also let them know what we've done for the world and how we've contributed to its betterment so our children can walk proudly as well. We let our positions be known, inoffensively, if possible, forcibly, if necessary, in plain and clear language in appropriate situations. To me, E.P. is maintaining my heritage and celebrating all elements of it in the land my Folk had settled in good faith as loyal subjects over four centuries ago. My people played their part in clearing this land, fighting for it, bleeding and dying for it from the French and Indian War up to the end of the Vietnam conflict.To me, E.P. means honoring not only my European forebears, but also the American ones, for they are truly one Folk forged in the crucible of this land. European Preservation means so many things, but the ultimate point is that it means your family and your people get to survive for as many generations as it can, with as many of its traditions intact as possible.In short, European Preservation means the survival of our people via the survival of our families.

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  1. Lyfing's Avatar
    Hail Thorulf..!!..We will be alright with the likes of us at fight..!!
  2. 's Avatar
    Very insightful post.

    European Preservation to me means to preserve my culture and history which is unique to Europe. For example, the preservation of Albanian culture and history.

    You are right that meddling with certain foreign influences is bad. For example, and i dont mean to sound like a bigot, meddling of Philipines with Europeans. Point is two different culture with likely different lifestyle.