Old softie...4 cats in the house now

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Hey all;

Yesterday made 8 weeks since my wife and I took in a 10 year old cat. Miss Teia lost her family due to their house being taken through foreclosure. Her owners are Kin of one of Anita's comrades in the woman's veterans group to which she belongs. (Anita was an officer in the US Air Force for a little over 13 years and is disabled due to service connected injuries.)

We told them that if it became a choice between us and the pound, we'd take her; 10 year old kitties do not have a good chance of being re-adopted out of the pound.

When we picked her up, we found out; "Oh, by the way, Teia was a 6 - 8 month old feral cat, who had been hurt, by other cats, possibly by people, when she was taken in 9 1/2 years ago."

Okey-dokey; we have three others cats; Kestrel (9), Hildiekatt (8, Kessie's 1/2 sister) and Chesapeake (7). None are fond of cats coming up to the patio doors or onto the ledge outside our windows...but, have accepted that we brought another cat into the house.

Teiais showing that an older cat, who was (basically) an "only cat," can learn new life skills. She's become tolerant of the the presence of the other three. She eats wet food as opposed to only dry when she first came under our roof tree. She likes being petted (to a point). She is playful.

I think her previous owners really liked cats, but had little of the skills needed to properly socialize a cat, which had been wild and hurt.

Ah well, nuff fer now. - Pip

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  1. Zankapfel's Avatar
    Bless your hearts for taking her in, as people mostly go for the pretty young ones.
  2. Piparskeggr's Avatar
    Thank you;

    Teia is a pretty cat, for an "older girl."

    She's come a very long way from what we expected, which was to have a permanent "guest" in the spare room whom we'd feed, occasionally see and provide a clean litter box.

    She's even started exploring the house and is getting tolerant of the fact we have 3 other cats in the house, so long as they don't get closer than 4 - 5 feet.