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PC Liberals love this movie and only can see the environmentalist/oppressed minority side of it, while most white nationalists/racialists dislike it because it makes white people the bad guys. Look a little deeper...

Racially pure, physically superior beings called Na'vi defend their homeland from rootless, greedy, multicultural invaders lead by white sell outs to industrial capitalism who represent a 22nd century amalgam of Halliburton and Blackwater. Corporate thugs. Rent-a-soldiers. Yeah, they're mostly white- just like Bush, Cheney, McCain, Rumsfeld, et al. If anything the WNtards should be overjoyed that the planet Earth is portrayed as being so overwhelmingly white by the year 2154. Day of the rope went well, I guess?

The Na'vi connection to the earth is literal, and an obvious take on blood-and-soil tribal nationalism. They are technologically unadvanced (like all of our ancestors once were) but have a living spirituality which sustains them. They can listen to the voices of their ancestors via a sacred tree. The connection to their ancestors is as important to them as breathing.

The avatars of the title are human-Na'vi genetic hybrids, and are treated with suspicion by the more traditionalist warrior named Tsu'Tey. He calls them "demons in false bodies," while the priestess calls them "Dreamwalkers." The avatars' human characteristics are: five fingers/toes instead of four, eyebrows, thinner lips, smaller eyes, higher nose bridge, and a more robust torso. Jake Sully in his avatar form can only "become one of the people" because he has Na'vi blood and a predominantly Na'vi phenotype. A full-blooded human could not join the Omaticaya or any other Na'vi clan. Only when he shows his devotion to learning their culture and proving himself valuable to the group is Jake Sully accepted as one of them. The Na'vi do not have an open immigration policy. The Na'vi do not suffer fools. All of them have to complete rites of passage to become full members of the clan. They all have roles in clan society, and each one respects the role of the other. The warrior is just as important as the hunter, the teacher, the healer, and so on.

All of the Na'vi are physically fit and have keen reflexes and senses. They have beautiful blue skin and yellow eyes (blond & blue?). Perhaps they evolved this way or have a natural inclination toward eugenics. Na'vis breed for life. Their mates are seemingly chosen for them (Neytiri was betrothed to Tsu'tey), but they have an option to choose otherwise and be "mated before Eywa" (elopement).

When the Na'vi kill an animal for food they show respect and gratitude for the sacrifice of the animal. How very different from our way of typically procuring meat (factory farms, battery cages, feed lots). They are connected to the source of their nourishment, a nod perhaps to the organic farming and eat local movements.

Though the avatar body is controlled remotely by human Jake through a neural link, it is interesting to consider his 'inputs' are going into a brain which is half Na'vi and thus very different from a fully human brain. This brings up important questions about how different genetic heritages effect consciousness and perception.

Humans cannot survive on Pandora. Pandora is obviously not for them. Only a few of them have the capacity to appreciate Pandora, these humans are allowed to stay in the end. It is made clear that these alien invaders wouldn't be able to maintain Pandora's environment or contribute anything of value the Na'vi culture. They're only there to exploit and corrupt the Na'vi and the Na'vi know this.

This is one of the most politically incorrect major films ever. James Cameron is clearly a genius. He has made an essentially National Socialist film but padded it with enough Go Green hipsterdom and racial pop politics (oppressed blue ppl, oh noes!) that people, even those who are tuned in and aware of hidden messages in films, don't even notice.

This movie is not anti-white. The message is that in unchecked globalist industrial capitalism white people are becoming rootless, cultureless, greedy morons disconnected from their ancestors, their true selves and their land and the only point of their existence is to be consumers and military occupiers. It is warning against an empty, soul-rotting, earth-raping way of life.

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