Tom Cat

The Dishonesty of Political Correctness

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When truth is distilled by political correctness in a vain attempt to make it universally palatable, it invariably mutates into a lie. And since all lies are evil, don't you think it is time for the light of truth to shine once again throughout our troubled nation?

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First of all, do you refuse to accept the socially pervasive dogma that traditional white Americans are inherently evil, but are hesitant to express your disapproval of such mendacity due to a fear of negative repercussions?

If so, then you share this fear with many other concerned white Americans. The radical "diversity at any cost" ideology being promoted these days by the elite guard of PC multiculturalism has developed a shield of undeserved immunity against any form of rational criticism. Gone are the days when one had to don a white hood, or flash a Nazi salute to be branded a bigot, or some other appellation. All one is required to do now to be anathematized is to question the sacred tenets of this insidious "cult."

We have all experienced the tension, and witnessed the violence that brutally enforced integration laws have created throughout society. Any thinking individual can clearly observe that members of different races, and ethnic groups normally gravitate to others of their own kind. And this does not mean we necessarily hate those who differ from us. It simply proves that the practice of living separately but equally is natural, and is not some form of social malady that needs to be eradicated at any cost.

Contrary to the asinine opinions espoused by the adherents of this insidious cult, there are no legitimate benefits to inundating America with a virtually uncontrolled deluge of immigrants who refuse to speak our English language, or honor our traditional values. And there is certainly nothing vague regarding the term illegal, as in illegal immigrants. No foreign citizen has a right to tread upon American soil illegally, let alone profit from such an unacceptable violation.

Traditional white Americans need to find the courage to unite in a collective effort to defend themselves against the pervasive scourge of reverse discrimination, hateful slander, and genetic genocide (miscegenation) being used by white race traitors, and nonwhites to destroy the rightful pride and future existence of the white race.

If white people do not wake up and seek a solution to the problems confronting them now, future history books might very well describe the white race as an aberration brought to extinction by the overwhelming apathy, credulity, and cowardice of its members.

If you are unapologetically proud of your illustrious white heritage, and unsurpassed technology-based culture, you can start protesting by contacting your legislators and telling them you are tired of being assaulted on a daily basis by those who feel the white race should bear a morbid burden of guilt for being successful, and happy in the great nation they created.

For those who have access to the Internet, there are numerous websites dedicated to the concept of White Pride, and White Nationalism. Do not be discouraged by the detractors of these sites who claim they are all about hate. Just remember, the NAACP represents blacks; the JDL represents Jews, and MECHA represents Hispanics. Isn't it about time white people had an effective group to represent them?

WHITE PRIDE: It isn't about hate; it's about securing our future.

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