Demonstrations in Egypt lead to army being sent in to impose curfew

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Protests in Egypt have prompted the military to be directed in to contain demonstrations and impose a stiff curfew. President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak is anticipated to address the situation, though many demonstrators are asking for his resignation. Mohamed Elbaradei, a Nobel Laureate and key figure in opposition to Mubarak's regime, has been placed on house criminal arrest by security forces during the protests. This is yet another struggle that is going to take much more than pay day loan to repair. Source for this article -Egypt deploys army to enforce curfew and quell protests MoneyBlogNewz.

Protests in Egypt prompt military to enforce curfew

CNN accounts that cities in Egypt now have a curfew to stop political unrest that is being stopped by army personnel because of requests from the authorities. Over the past few weeks, the nation of Egypt has been paralyzed by massive political demonstrations and popular unrest. Cairo, Alexandria and Suez are places where the army has been directed to make sure the 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. curfew is held. Protesters have clashed with police and Egyptian security forces for days over stagnant economic conditions and encroachments on civil liberties. Al Jazeera, which is the largest Middle East news network, has been shut out while the authorities have also taken cameras and video equipment. Internet access has been cut by the Egyptian authorities also. Social networking websites have been cut off specifically.

Leader of Egypt will give a speech

The nation can be addressed by Hosni Mubarak who is the Leader of Egypt. Many are calling for him to leave, though it's not known if he will willingly resign and leave, as the president did in the recent authorities shakeup in Tunisia. Since 1981, Mubarak has been the Egyptian president. In 2005, he was democratically re-elected to the position. The Christian Science Monitor accounts that demonstrations and demonstrations have been outlawed as of Friday, January 28. Many think that Mubarak or his son Gamal Mubarak will be put into power in a rigged election in Sept, which is when the next election occurs.

The biggest competitor politically gets taken into custody

One of the greatest political rivals to Hosni Mubarak is Nobel Laureate Mohamed Elbaradei. The leader of the opposition party is what Elbaradei is known for, or Baradei. He was part of the protests at Cairo. Elbaradei was seized by authorities and has been reportedly placed under house criminal arrest for the time being. If the people were to ask Elbaradei to help with a transition of authorities, he would do it. This is something he made clear.

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