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Keltic Nordid+Bruenn Reflections

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So, the Bruenn are the Upper Paleolithic inhabitants of Britain that probably appeared in the British Isles from the Iberian peninsula millenia ago.Their phenotype form a large part of the present day British and Irish populace, but this type is at times mixed with other subraces, such as the Keltic Nordids, Anglo-Saxons,Hallstatts Borreby,Tronder and Atlanto-Mediterranids that also settled the British Isles.
The Keltic Nordid phenotype arrived from Gaul and Iberia a few centuries later.Naturally, for that time, battles were fought and even more naturally, the types blended in and the Celtic culture won out for a few centuries.My musings on this are as such:The Celts were probably the first political/tribal folk who entered the British Isles with intent to invade,and they did so, adding their phenotype and DNA sequences to the British population, with others coming along later to make their own contributions. My point in all this is to say, in all humility, that genes are wonderful history markers for a people and that despite political invasions, massacres, what have you, blood is truly stronger than most people might think and that phenotypes may and do surface and by people marrying and reproducing with their own kind on a persistent basis, these types will endure for centuries to come.It's awe inspiring and gives one a sense of responsibility to be true to their own people.

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  1. Aemma's Avatar
    Nicely worded Gooding. :)