Lincoln's Opinion on the Negro

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[QUOTE=Æmeric;16336]Abraham Lincoln would be denounced as a racist if he was alive today. Weird given that Obama has tried to make much of the fact that he (Obama) was elected from the land of Lincoln, anounced his candidancy for the presidency from the Old Statehouse in Springfield where Lincoln served & took the oath of office on Lincoln's Bible. And made a big deal of taking the same route by train from New York to Washington as Lincoln, part of the pre-inaugural festivites.:rolleyes:


His opinion on what the founding fathers meant when in the Declaration of Independence, the declare all men are created equal,


The above remarks were spoken during the [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lincoln-Douglas_debates_of_1858"]Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858[/URL]

The following remark were made to a group of Negroes on July 14, 1862 at the White House:


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    There's a problem with this transposed post, it didn't get the quotes.
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