Comparing Northern and Southern European Women's Backsides, Part 4

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Too many asses in this thread for my taste, i can't watch at it anymore!!!! My stomach is revolting
Anyway, most of the women you posted are surely attractive, but my opinions were referring to the average women, not to the top models.
Anyway, i dislike "flat" bodies like Gisele Bundchen's one or those skinny bodies like some models, i think you misunderstood what i meant. I think women like Gisele would be perfect with some kilos more, the problem is that they can't eat much cause it's the standard now requested, they're almost anorexic. IMO, perfect bodies are those like 90's models Claudia Schiffer or Stephanie Seymour: long-limbed, but at the same time curvy and well balanced. And they had no big ass at all!!!
I have to disagree. Northern European women look better when they're thin. And no amount of additional weight can make a woman who has the body of a post-pubescent boy look more feminine. For example, the German woman pictured below is heavier than the previous pictures I posted and she has larger breasts as well, but she still retains the overall "boyish" physique typical of Northern European women, because she lacks the typical Southern European woman's narrow waist, round ass, etc. Indeed, the increased weight gives her a more "mannish" appearance, whereas the thinner examples I posted previously appeared "boyish" but marginally more feminine.

Notice that in the frontal picture (right) the model is arching her back to give the appearance that she has wide hips and a narrow waist. Whereas we can see clearly in the other picture (left) that she does not have the classic feminine "hour glass" shape.

As a comparison, these women (below) have much more appealing and feminine figures.

Here are some more examples of heavier women with "mannish" figures.

Overall, I don't find these women more attractive than the thinner types I posted previously.

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Her WHR is good though. I think you are generally right - trend-wise - but not in the extreme-provocative manner you present it, because you can find both in both areas. Not all Southern women have the strong hour-glass figure, many Northerners have it, even though it frequency-wise most common in classic Mediterranids in Europe, in my opinion, that's pretty obvious. And it is the optimal shape, regardless of type, that's true as well, even though others can be highly attractive too with certain proportions in harmony.
Maybe I should have been clearer that I was generalizing. Obviously, as I mentioned previously, both Southern and Northern European women can have the classic "hour glass" figure, but in general Southern European women have more curvacious figures than Northerners. As an aside, I've read that the fashion industry prefers the "Nordic ideal" precisely because Northern European women generally lack the "hour glass" figure typical of Southern Europeans. And the fact that homosexuals are overrepresented in the fashion industry may also explain why women who work in the industry appear more "masculine" than is appealing to the average (heterosexual) male.

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