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Raising A Little Girl In 4 Trads

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My mother takes my daughter to church on Sunday.My daughter sees me holding devotions to the Aesir and ancestors and I tell her some of the stories.My wife tells her of the ancient Fae and the Egyptian gods after I give her "Asa-time" on Friday night.My daughter's biological mother is Celtic Wiccan and as they live together, she's more exposed to that than anything else.Mostly, though, with us she's a little girl who is also my daughter.We encourage her to be a little girl and only later do we devote a little time to her religious education.

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  1. Brynhild's Avatar
    As it should be. Kids will decide when they're ready.
  2. Aemma's Avatar
    Sweet! :) Thanks for having posted this G. I think that your little girl is quite fortunate to have such spiritually-open parents yet all the while respectful of the cultural traditions involved in each one. What an enriching experience for all of you I suspect. :)