Will joining my enemy defeat them?

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It amazes me how much hatred and opposition I can draw on myself.

I was just watching an Australian comedy festival.
It's one for up and coming comedians. I noticed that hardly any of them is not a minority. There's gays, lesbian and all different muds.

After the mandatory expressions of chagrin and cursing at my screen, I wondered if it would be a good way to win a competition of some kind by pretending I was a tranny or a gay or Jew or something.

But then i realized that if I did represent the Politically correct, the very day I joined their team the tide would turn and I'll be swept off to the concentration camp with the rest of them.

On realising that, I think it might actually be my duty to save the white race by advocating the multi-cult publicly. The ire and contempt I provoke would surely start a revolution against my comi comrades and I.

It sounds self absorbed I know but I don't rule out the possibility that me being on the left would cause the tides to change against it.:) or at least harm it in my sphere of influence.:)

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  1. Peasant's Avatar
    God speed, kamerad!